BitcoinHungary's first four-star hotel where you can pay by Bitcoin.

"The world is constantly changing, and we want to lead the way in adopting the latest technological advancements. We believe that an independent, inflation-free digital financial system can have a positive impact on society, so from now on, our guests can pay for our services in an even more convenient and modern way."

Thanks to the innovative and forward-looking vision of the hotel owner, Ferenc Kovács, from May 25, 2024, Hotel Aurora accepts Bitcoin payments.

This makes it the first four-star hotel in Hungary to offer Bitcoin owners the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of modern payment technologies.

Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network ensures instant, secure and low-cost transactions.

Invoices will continue to be issued in Hungarian Forint, and a portion or the entire amount can be settled by Bitcoin via POS terminal as a medium of exchange.

The conversion is always based on the current Bitcoin-Forint (HUF) exchange rate.

The introduction of the Bitcoin payment option fully complies with the applicable legal regulations.

As part of a long-term strategic plan, the amount collected in Bitcoin will be used for renovations and further innovations in eight to ten years.

At Aurora Hotel we offer our guests a unique experience in a friendly, family-like atmosphere, where they can use their Bitcoin without restrictions exchanging it for unforgettable memories.


1. How can I use Bitcoin to settle my bill at Aurora Hotel?

Paying by Bitcoin is simple and quick. When you receive your bill, the amount in Hungarian Forint (HUF) will be provided, then it will be converted to Bitcoin using the current exchange rate through the Bitcoin Lightning Network. You can process the payment via our POS terminal, either partially or entirely by Bitcoin.

2. Can other payment methods be combined with Bitcoin payments?

Absolutely, you can pay part of the bill by Bitcoin and the remainder amount by SZÉP card, bank card, bank transfer or cash.

3. If I pay in Bitcoin, can I request a refund in Hungarian Forint?

Refunds for payments made in Bitcoin will also be processed in Bitcoin. (Similar to SZÉP card payments.)

4. What exchange rate does Aurora Hotel use for Bitcoin payments?

The conversion will always be based on the current Bitcoin-to-Forint exchange rate. This ensures the most up-to-date and fair conversion rate.

5. What happens if the Bitcoin exchange rate changes before the payment?

Exchange rate fluctuations are taken into account at the moment of payment. Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network the transaction is instant.

6. What happens if I paid a deposit in Bitcoin but need to cancel the reservation?

In accordance with our cancellation policy, if the reservation can be cancelled without penalty, we will refund your Bitcoin payment.

7. What security guarantees does Aurora Hotel offer for Bitcoin payments?

Aurora Hotel is committed to ensuring the complete security of Bitcoin payments. A third party facilitates the transactions. The Bitcoin Lightning Network provides instant and secure transactions, thereby minimizing risk.

8. How do I know if the bill includes Bitcoin payment?

The final bill will specify the amount in Hungarian Forint that has been settled by Bitcoin.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Senior package

Aurora Summer Days

Aurora Summer Days

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Everyone is looking forward to summer. The fatigue of the whole year can be taken for a longer period of time, a long weekend is not enough. These holidays offer not only rest and relaxation, but also lifelong experiences that we are happy to mention on the other days of the year.