The area has been inhabited since ancient times, and prehistoric finds are preserved in the Herman Ottó Museum. In the Middle Ages, the family that founded Miskolc was a place of accommodation and burial. The name Tapolca came from the Slavic tribes who migrated here during the migration period, Anonymus already mentions it by this name.

Already in 1219 a monastery stood here, inhabited by Benedictine monks until the 16th century. However, during the Turkish rule, due to the constant attacks, the monks left the area, which remained uninhabited until the 19th century, although it was used as a holiday resort as early as the 1700s.

At the end of the 19th century, the city of Miskolc bought Tapolca from the church. In 1934, the settlement was declared a holiday resort, which started to flourish quickly, restaurants and boarding houses were opened.

The Cave Bath is one of the most beautiful spas in the country, it has indoor and outdoor pools, the main attraction is the hot pools in the natural cave. For those who wish to recover, hydrotherapy and massage are available, and the spa also has doctor's offices. The spa is open all year round.

In front of the Cave Bath there is a huge primeval park with botanical rarities and a boating lake. Lake Békás, located in the park, is located in a former crater with approximately 50 heat sources. The coldest is 36 ° C and the warmest is 47 ° C. Gases from the lake are also constantly bursting to the surface.

Here is also the unique Rock Chapel, which was built from a cave and was consecrated in 1935. A Roman Catholic Mass is held on Sundays.
For those looking for active recreation, there is an adventure park located between the Miskolctapolca toboggan run and the forest surrounding the lake.

Why relax in Miskolctapolca?

A breath from the embrace of the beech trees.

This is what the Bükk region gives you every time you make your way to the North Central Mountains. Wild, undisturbed nature stretching over a large area.

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