Dear Guests!

Welcome to our accommodation! It is a pleasure to visit our city and host it.

We will briefly inform you about the rules of our house and provide some useful information to make your stay more comfortable.
The staff of Hotel Aurora will do their utmost to ensure that their stay and rest in our hotel meets their expectations in every way. Therefore, when booking a room, please note the following.

The House Rules apply to all guests staying at the Hotel Aurora.

1. Opening hours

  • Reception: 0-24 hours
  • Breakfast: 07: 00-10: 00
  • Dinner: 18: 00-21: 00
  • Restaurant: 07: 00-22: 00 / ordering until 21:30 /
  • Wellness department: 08: 00-21: 00

2. From arrival to departure

  • Rooms can be occupied from 2 p.m. You must check in at the reception upon arrival!
  • The hotel registration form must be filled in with real data in order to determine the exact tourist tax.
  • Upon arrival at our hotel, identification is required in all cases. Our guests who are NOT 18 years of age or older may ONLY book their accommodation with parental supervision. If our guests of this age wish to use our services without parental supervision, the rooms CANNOT be provided for them.
    Leaving rooms: until 10 o'clock. (After leaving the room, the wellness area can be used)
  • Late check-out: rooms can be provided free of charge until 12 noon at the latest, subject to availability. From 12 noon, the room can be used at a surcharge of HUF 3,000 per hour.
  • After 18:00, 100% of the current daily room rate will be charged.
  • The half-board restaurant service starts with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure.
  • After departure, the rooms will be checked. In case of damage or damage observed after departure, the guest is financially responsible.

3. Behavior in the hotel

  • SMOKING is strictly FORBIDDEN inside the hotel building and is only possible in designated areas in accordance with the law.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to stay in the restaurant in a bathing suit and bathrobe!
  • Food and drink can only be taken out of the restaurant if ordered in advance, at an additional cost (eg cold pack).
  • It is FORBIDDEN to take out the rooms and hotel equipment!
  • Toys cannot be taken out of the playroom.
  • Children under the age of 18 are NOT allowed to drink alcohol on site.
  • The hotel's facilities must be used as intended.
  • Electronic devices for wet areas (swimming pool, wellness) can only be used at your own risk.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to bring bottles into the wellness area.
  • In the event of damage, the person who caused the damage or its legal representative is obliged to compensate the damage.
  • Swimwear is mandatory at the spa.

4. Security

  • Guests are only responsible for the value of their guests if they are placed in a free safe at reception.
  • Items found must be handed in at the reception!
  • Fire and accident prevention regulations are mandatory for all guests!
  • The person who caused the damage or his / her legal representative is financially liable for any damage caused by the unauthorized use of the manual fire alarm systems located in the hotel building!

Finally, we kindly ask our guests to report any comments they may have about the operation of the hotel, the hotel room or the behavior of other guests at the reception immediately so that a solution can be found as soon as possible. Subsequent comments cannot be handled effectively. Thank you for your cooperation.

We wish you a very pleasant stay in our hotel!

Why relax in Miskolctapolca?

A breath from the embrace of the beech trees.

This is what the Bükk region gives you every time you make your way to the North Central Mountains. Wild, undisturbed nature stretching over a large area.

Our special package offers

Senior package

Senior package

Aurora Summer Days

Aurora Summer Days

From 23.995.- / 1 person / 1 night

Everyone is looking forward to summer. The fatigue of the whole year can be taken for a longer period of time, a long weekend is not enough. These holidays offer not only rest and relaxation, but also lifelong experiences that we are happy to mention on the other days of the year.